Santa Cruz 70.3 Race Report

Triathlon; swim, bike, and then run.

Not three separate sports. One sport. Three disciplines.

Never has that been more apparent to me than after Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz this weekend. It was, to put it bluntly, a total shit show.


Before it all went wrong. PC: Camille Gulick

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Glacier National Park

My girlfriend Camille and I recently took a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S.. It’s a pretty special place and I’d highly recommend a visit. Here’s what we got up to, the highlights of our time there, and an interactive map! I’d recommend zooming in and having a play. Most of the icons have photos attached and you can also see the hikes (and SUP) that we did. Colours of each hike are referenced in the descriptions below.

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I’ve just found the motivation to haul my ass off the sofa. I have two university degrees, yet I spent most of my morning watching a series called Scrotal Recall (or Lovesick) on Netflix because I haven’t found permanent work in my chosen profession.

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Walking along the shore of Lake Tahoe

Well that went fast.

It only feels like a few weeks ago that I arrived in Halifax and walked into journalism school for the first time. Now I find myself approaching graduation with all my classes and an internship complete.

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A few thoughts on Halifax

The air is freezing. It’s colder here in Halifax than anything I have experienced in the last 18 months, and the first flurries of snow have just fallen. The last time I saw snow, I was camping at over 1000m in the Rogers Pass, British Colombia. That was on a mild May evening. Only the peaks were coated and the adrenaline of having just seen three grizzly bears probably also helped keep me warm.

The nights are also drawing in. It’s dark by five o’clock. A far cry from the last light leaving the sky at nearly midnight at the extreme southern point of New Zealand. Read More

New York City

After 324 days away from home and more than 18,000 kilometres cycled on two continents, I was left with just 60 km into New York City. I spent my last night at the Beaver Pond campground in the Harriman State Park. My final meal was a packet of dehydrated Thai green curry that I had carried with me since Perth. It had been my backup meal for the whole trip but I hadn’t needed it at any point. It felt fitting that I should have it on my last night. Read More

Crossing into Southern Ontario from Manitoulin Island was like arriving in a different world. After nearly a month of remote roads and 100 km between small towns,  I was suddenly hitting villages and shops on a regular basis with traffic everywhere. There were still a few opportunities for a little bit of wild exploration though and on my first day off the ferry I took one of these and camped in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. My afternoon was spent swimming, hiking and running in beautiful sunshine. It was a great way to take a break from my bike and was the last time I would have to worry about bears! It seemed unlikely that there would be any problems in such a busy park but as I was leaving the next  morning, I noticed huge, muddy paw prints all over the rubbish bins!

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The Great Lakes

I had a very enjoyable and relaxing week off the bike in Nipigon. I had been feeling increasingly exhausted travelling through Northern Ontario so to have a roof over my head and a bed for a few nights was very beneficial. It was great to spend some time with Claire and it was awesome to get out for some good hiking and to meet her friends in the town. By the time I was ready to leave, I had been caught up by Rob, a guy I had met back in Golden, BC. We had gone in different directions from that point but it was cool to meet again and to have some company for what would be another reasonably remote and challenging stretch. Read More

I made it!! Thursday 6th August 2015 I made it to Central Park in New York! 18785 km covered and halfway round the world. Much more to come but what a feeling!! 

Northern Ontario

Winnipeg was a great spot to take a day off. The hostel was a little odd and could have certainly done with a clean out, but it did the job of putting a roof over my head and giving me a bed in the city for a couple of nights. I had a few jobs that I needed to get done in the city and supplies to pick up. I also was able to have a very long and relaxed brunch and wandered through the city watching the Winnipeg Gay Pride event. I left Winnipeg and had about 200 km into Northern Ontario and the true end of the Prairies. I had the wind behind me and soon crossed the Longitudinal Centre of Canada. It felt like a big achievement to be more than halfway across this huge country. Gradually, throughout the day, trees began to line the road and break up the scenery. It was still quite flat but even this began to change towards the end of the day. After 144 km I made it to Falcon Beach where I was happy to grab a milkshake and get set up at the Provincial Park, just on the edge of the lake. I fixed camp and made dinner before heading to the one small bar in town to watch the Stanley Cup final and have a couple of beers.  

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The Prairies

Heading into Calgary was a strange feeling. It felt like the last huge challenge of my trip was behind me, having crossed the Rocky Mountains. I’d hit the highest point on my trip and was leaving the bears and wolves behind for a while. But there was also a very palpable sense of sadness. My favourite moments from the whole trip have been in the mountains of British Columbia and the South Island of New Zealand. They are so unspoilt, wild and just a little bit dangerous. Knowing that I had no views of snow capped peaks or long exhilarating descents remaining, left me feeling just a little empty. Calgary itself was a great stop. I was lucky enough to have accommodation, courtesy of Lucy (who I had cycled with from San Francisco to Washington State), as her dad lives in Calgary during the week for work. On my arrival he cooked me a fantastic dinner before heading west to Victoria for the weekend. I was left with the house to myself for a couple of nights. I ate well, caught up on jobs and prepared for the next stretch; across the flat and seemingly endless Canadian Prairies.  Read More

Through the mountains..

Leaving Kamloops I was immensely excited; I was heading for some serious mountains. The ride up to Whistler and across to Lillooet had been just incredible but there were even bigger mountains to come with the Selkirks and the Rockies before me. The first couple of days out of Kamloops were fairly uneventful. There were a few small climbs and nice views as I headed first to Squilax, and then to Sicamous, but the morning ride to Revelstoke was the start of the truly spectacular stretch. The road runs along the Eagle River and the mountains rise up around you. Occasionally there were views along the valley up to the snowy peaks. Ahead of me were the challenges of the Rogers’ Pass and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Read More