Latest News – Brisbane and Auckland

Australia is done.. Last week I made it through high humidity and huge lightning storms to reach Brisbane. Following a cancelled flight and 14 hour delay due to the storms I’ve now made it to Auckland. I’ll be publishing some new articles about my trip over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

4 Comments on “Latest News – Brisbane and Auckland

  1. Hi Luke,

    Well done!!! Marilyn and I have been thinking about you and your race against the clock to make it to Brisbane. Enjoy NZ and your upcoming Christmas rendezvous.


    • Hello! Happy New Year. MAde it pretty comfortably in the end to be honest. I had a very relaxed trip p the east coast with no more than 110 km in a day and a couple of days off. The humidity was staggering though! Hope you had a good Christmas. All the best, Luke

  2. Hi Luke

    Just catching up with your adventures in Australia
    Happy New Year to you and your Mum and Dad – Really Envious of your New Zealand Trip.Have a great time


    • Happy New Year Paul.

      Had a wonderful time with mum and dad and nearly up to date with Australia now! New Zealand has been incredible so far. I went downhill mountain biking in Queenstown. You take the Gondola to the top and just drop off the mountain! It was terrifying but incredible. I thought of you!

      Hope you’re all well,


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