Welcome to Luke Yates Adventure!

At the end of the summer I will be leaving London and heading off on my first major adventure. On 16th September I am flying to Perth, Western Australia and over the following year will be cycling across Australia, around New Zealand, up the West Coast of the USA and across Canada, finally dropping back down in to the USA and New York City!

Long term I hope to become a journalist, adventurer and endurance athlete but in the meantime I would be pretty content if a few people followed my travels and shared some of their own experiences with me!
Please get in touch through the site or on Twitter and let me know if you are going to be in any of the countries mentioned over the coming year. I will share a rough itinerary in the near future and would love to have some company as I make my way across the world!

I will be keeping the site updated with regular posts about my plans, travels, motivation and equipment so check back regularly or sign up for my email updates!

One Comment on “Welcome

  1. Wow … it sounds like quite a challenge. I hope you are good at repairing bikes – that Aussie sand gets everywhere! Good luck …. we’ll be tracking you!

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